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*Note: All appointments require a deposit to reserve the time slot. It is refundable as long as the appointment is cancelled 24 hour or more prior to the schedule time. It will be deducted from the amount due at the end of the service. We will contact you shortly after booking with details. Thanks

Classic Eyelash Extensions 

Lush synthetic faux mink extensions are attached individually to one natural lash at a time.

Prices starting at:


Full Set of Lashes - $250


Touch ups - $75 and up

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

Thinner and lighter faux mink extensions allowing multiple extensions (2-6 lashes) to be placed on one natural lash creating more volume and thickness. 

Prices Starting at:


Full Set of Volume Lashes - $350


Touch ups - $105 and up

Blink Your Lashes

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